birgitte moos chalcraft

Curriculum VITAE

E d u c a t I o n 

2017 - 2020      .University of Aarhus, Copenhagen. Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MOPP)

Qualifications:     .Mastery training which is explicitly based on my work experience within interdisciplinary set design, visual arts,                     research, and artistic project management, using theories, methods, models, and concepts from positive                           psychology to perspective my practice

Thesis:            .»How to bring an interdisciplinary team of theatre artists in team flow?«

                   Building on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16: Peace, justice and strong                                   institutions


1993 - 1998      .The Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design and Preservation, Copenhagen. Master (Cand. Design)

Qualifications:     .Spatial design that crosses the boundaries of architecture, landscape, interior and set design, as well as public                     art. Specialized and in-depth knowledge of theatre and performance history, and methods

Thesis:            .»The Hamlet Machine«. Interdisciplinary set design, including costume and lighting design, inside Valby Gas                         Container


1997             .Berlin University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste), Institute for Performing Arts, Berlin, in                                       Professor Achim Freyer ́s master class      

Qualifications:     .Scenography and painting, »Gesamtkunstwerk«, postdramatic-theatre, Greek tragedies, opera and                                 interdisciplinary art


1995 - 1996      .Berlin Weissensee Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin. Interdiscplinary set design and visual arts


    S u P P l e M e n t a r y  T r a I n I n G 

2021              Center for Human Potential. Scholarship. Transcend course: The New Science of Self-Actualization. Certified                         by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman   

2016              The Danish School of Media and Journalism, Copenhagen. Specialized Journalism

2000              The Multimedia Institute, Copenhagen

Qualifications:      4 1/2 months full-time training in virtual visualization and digital design. Web design, digital imaging, 3D                           modeling and animation (AutoCad, 3D StudioMax, Dreamweaver and Photoshop)

SOLO  E x h I b I T I o n s  ///  A r T    E v e n T s

2015              Brick Lane Bookshop, London. Boscombe Revolution Issue 3: Gender & Revolution, »White Cows«


                   Duke of York, Bristol. Boscombe Revolution Issue 3: Gender & Revolution, »White Cows«


2014              Jess Projects, L.A. Site-specific pop-up installation done in recycled materials, »White Cows«

                                                                                                                                                    The Mike Kelley Gallery (Beyond Baroque), Venice Beach, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«. With Bob                     Branaman (Barbitol Bob)                           


2013             .Downtown Art Walk Lounge, Maldef Building, L.A. »The Featured Artist of LA«. Paintings, »The Memory Palace                       Series«


2012 - 2013      .LA, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix. Street art, »White Cows«        


2012              Zip Fusion, The Arts District, Downtown L.A. Site-specific permanent installation, »Sampled Asia«. Set design,                       visual art, and light staged as a performative space using recycled materials         


                   Caporale Bleicher Gallery, L.A. »Anachronious Mind Tree«. Audience interactive 3D paintings, simulating neural                       connection networks used in AI modeling


                   Novel Gallery, The Arts District, Downtown L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«


2007 - 2014      .Skid Row, Downtown L.A. Site-specific audience interactive performance installation, »People Come Back,                           Transformed«. The urban location planned at street level in Skid Row created real-time performances, in                           documentary theatre. Participants are homeless in Skid Row and pedestrians passing by the installation


2011              Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, L.A. Driven to Abstraction. Paintings, »My bloody Black Valentine«


2009              Edgar Varela Fine Arts, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«                


2008              Galleri Westphall, Copenhagen. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«. Three-person show


                   Hotel Fox, Copenhagen. Paintings


2007              Bedlam Gallery, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«  


                   Santa Fe Art Colony, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«


                   Phantom Galleries, L.A. Painting installation, »The Memory Palace Series«


2006              410 BOYD, L.A. Paintings, »Dopamine Love« (»Repulsive Repetitions Series«)


2004              Spring Arts Tower, L.A. Paintings, »Fallen Angels«                                                                                                              

2003              Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen. Paintings, »Fallen Angels«                                                         

                   Langelinje Pavillion, Copenhagen. Paintings, »Fallen Angels«


1997              The Video Gallery, Berlin. Video, »be-long-island« with Susanne Nissen


1992              Art Hall Charlottenborg’s Autumn Exhibition, Copenhagen. Performance, »Corpus In C« Synthetic Realism.                           Performance art, audience interactive and implementing the exhibition's other works          




    G r o u p  E x h I b I T I o n s

2015              Art Share Gallery, L.A. Root Systems. Paintings, »White Cows«                                                                        

2014              Room & Board, L.A. Art Benefit for Los Angeles Family Housing. Paintings, »People Come Back, Transformed«          

                   Art Share Gallery, L.A. MUSE-ings. Painting, »People Come Back, Transformed«                                                      

2013              Art Share Gallery, L.A. Christmas Show. Paintings, »Transformed Memory«


                   Art Share Gallery, L.A. The Arts District Winterfest. Painting, »Deconstructed Sunflower«


                   Jubilee Music and Arts Festival, The Arts District, Downtown L.A. Painting, »Molecule of Your Spirit«                                                    

2012              7th BERLIN BIENNALE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 2012, open call. ArtWiki. Internet Installation, »People Come                     Back, Transformed«


                   Crewest Gallery, L.A. Top of the Dome 9. Sculpture, »Skull Bank Hamlet«


                   Art Share LA, LOT 613, Downtown, L.A. The Arts District Winterfest. Paintings, »SugarShock«


2011              Veletrzni Palace, Czech National Gallery, Prag. Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Drawings


                   Højbygaard Sugar and Paper Factory in collaboration with Museum Lolland Falster. Light Over Lolland.                              . Set design as Art. Site-specific installation, »SugarShock«


                   Project Room, Berlin. The Fridge Project. Photography


2010              Bleicher Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica, L.A. Micro Gestalt, and Burned Fingers. Paintings, »BlackOut«


                   Art Share LA, Downtown, L.A. Arts District Winterfest. Paintings, »Memory«


                   The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Transit Station DE. Performance, »Mani-Fest«.      


                   Optical Allusion Gallery, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«


                   Spring Arts Tower, Downtown Artwalk, L.A. Site-specific installation, »Cunt-Fetti«. Collaboration with Trine                         Koester and Tilde Bay


2009              410 Boyd, L.A. The Rat Pack. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«    


                   Stella Dottir Gallery, L.A. 1st Annual Sunflower Festival. Painting, »Deconstructed Sunflower«


                   Zirrat Bankasi Museum, Ankara. Trade Show. Object, »Made in China«


                   ISIK University Gallery, Istanbul. 11th International Istanbul Biennial Parallel Exhibition. Trade Show. Object,                         »Made in China«  


                   City of Brea Art Gallery, Orange County, CA. Open Call. For Love or Money. Paintings, »Dopamine Love« 


                   Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), Barnsdall Art Park, L.A. Open Call. Painting


                   Pershing Square (L.A. Town Spuare), L.A. Autumn Lights. Site-specific paintings, »Fake it Till You Make it«


                   Factory Place Gallery,­ L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«                     


                   Katalyst Foundation for the Arts, L.A. Ma Vie Erotique. Paintings, »Pleasure Guilt Syndrome Series«


                   The Hive Gallery, L.A. Girls Drawin’ Girls. Drawings, »Viking Woman«                        


                   Contemporanea Gallery, L.A. Paintings, »Bio Tele Vision«. With Robert Reynolds and Gottfried Helnwein


2008             .I-5 Gallery, The Brewery, L.A. Drawings, »Greek Myths«                                                              

                   Pershing Square (L.A. Town Spuare), L.A. Art Squared. Paintings, »Dopamine Love« (»Repulsive Repetitions                         Series«)


                   Lacy Street Arts Complex, L.A. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«    


2007              Goethe Institute, Brussels. Visual Arts and Politics. Paintings, »Untitled«


                   Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), Barnsdall Art Park, L.A. Open Call. Painting, »White Cows«


                   Two07 Gallery, NYC. History of Conspiracy Theories. Object, »Conspiracy Puzzle«


                   The Biscuit Factory, L.A. LA Magazine Event. Paintings, »The Memory Palace Series«. With Richard Ankron,                         Robert Reynolds, Shepard Fairey, and Cyril Helnwein                                           


                   Hangar 1018 Gallery, L.A. Where is LA? Painting, »White Cows«


                   Junglerush Gallery, L.A. The Love Show. Paintings, »Pleasure Guilt Syndrome Series«            


                   Hive Gallery, L.A. Paintings, »Pleasure Guilt Syndrome Series«


2006              Regent Gallery, L.A. Book Illustrations, and Books as Illustrations. Drawing, »Centaur«


                   M.J. Higgins Gallery, L.A. Far and Wide. Paintings, »Dopamine Love« (»Repulsive Repetitions Series«) and                           »Pleasure Guilt Syndrome Series«. With Richard Godfrey and Moris Tepper


                   Bedlam Gallery, L.A. Spy Versus Spy. Painting, »Element of Crime«


                   Santa Monica Art Studios, L.A. Paintings, »Site-specifics«. With Trine Wejp Olsen


                   Caltrans Plaza, L.A. Grey Gardens. Paintings, »Pleasure Guilt Syndrome Series«


                   Bedlam Gallery, L.A. Beauty & the Beast. Paintings, »Dopamine Love« 


                   Junglerush Gallery, L.A. Red. Painting, »Every Day has it's Price«


2005              M.J. Higgins Gallery, L.A. New Orleans Katarina Tsunami Fundraiser. Painting, »Katarina & the Waves«


                   Spring Arts Tower, L.A. CREATE FIXATE. Paintings, »Low, or No Profile«


                   Kings Street Gallery, Amsterdam. Paintings, »2020 Visions«


                   Danish Furniture Design Showroom, Culver City, L.A. Paintings, »Retro pro Spective«                                                              

                   Carolina Gallery, Studio City, L.A. Paintings, »Fallen Angels«        


                   Dannerhouse, Copenhagen. Open call. Photography, »Women Focusing«


                   Don O'Melveny Gallery, Hollywood, L.A. Buddha Lounge. Paintings, »Fallen Angels«. Three-person show


                   University of Southern California, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, L.A. Stereoscopic                     3D animation, »Dreamwaves

1998              Øksnehallen, Copenhagen. Graduate exhibition from the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts, »Hamletmachine«


                   Cafe Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen. Objects, »Three Dimensional Paintings - Pixel Art«. With Sabina Mlejnek 

1997              Glassalen, Copenhagen. Site-specific audience interactive installation, »Time is Now/ALT2000«


1991              Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg Gardens, Copenhagen. Performance, »Corpus in C - Synthetic Realism«

                   Borups Highschool, Copenhagen. Performance, »Corpus in C - Synthetic Realism«



A w a r d s,  N o m I n a t I o n s,  S c h o l a r s h I p s,  G r a n t s,  &  A r t I s t  I n  R e s I d e n c I e s

2021              Dr. Scott Barry Kaufmann, Scholarship to his Transcend course

2013              Downtown Artwalk, The Maldef Building, L.A. The Featured Artist of LA                                                            

2012              Saatchi Online, London. Open Call for Abstract Art. Nominee, shortlisted. Paintings, »SugarShock«                                      

2011              THE 32ND ANNUAL LA WEEKLY THEATER AWARDS OF BEST THEATRE IN LA. Nominated for best                                   set design of the year in LA: Birgitte Moos, »The Arsonists«, The Odyssey Theatre

                   Stage and Cinema. THEATER IN LOS ANGELES NOMINEE: THEATER OF THE YEAR


                   Los Angeles Times. Critics Choice for set design: Birgitte Moos, »The Arsonists«, Odyssey Theatre 

2010              The Watermill Center (Robert Wilson), Southhampton, NY, Artist/Scholar in Residence         


                   Rogue Monk, L.A. Winner of Rogue Monk T-shirt print design competition

2003              University of Southern California, Division of Digital Arts, L.A. Scholar in Residence during 6 months                                 Research in VR, Stereoscopic Animation, Maya, Director and After Effects             


                   Beckett Foundation, Travel Grant


                   Knud Højgårds Foundation, Travel Grant

                   Nordic Film Foundation, Travel Grant

                   Denmarks Nationalbank's Jubilee Foundation, Travel Grant

2002              Augustinus Foundation, Travel Grant


                   Danish Set Designers Rights Foundation, Travel Grant

                   Nordea Denmark Foundation, Travel Grant

                   Danish Employers' Jubilee Foundation, Travel Grant

2001              Knud Højgårds Foundation, Travel Grant

1999              Grand Prize Winner of Close-Up Shorts Competition, »Lack of Oxygen«. Director Christian Fonnesbech. Set-                         and costume design

                                                                                                                              1996              Danish Design Foundation, Scholarship for studying abroad

                   DAAD, Scholarship                                                                       



S e t   D e s I g n

2014              Jess Projects, L.A. Video, »Thieves«. Director Jessica Shokrian. Set designer, concept and performer  

                                                                                                                                2013              Son of Semele Theater, L.A. »Civilization«. Director Don Boughton. Interdisciplinary set design as a fusion                           between set design, interactive installation art and paintings                                                                                                                                                 

2012              The Burning Opera Company, L.A. »The Sufferings of Joe Bean«. Set design concept                                                  

2010              Odyssey Theater, L.A. »The Arsonists«. Director Ron Sossi. Set design


                   Cantabile2 Theater, Copenhagen. Kaleidoskop K2. »The Beggars Opera«. Director Nullo Facchini. Set and                           costume design  


2007 - 10         LA Edge, L.A. Production designer at several webisodes


2006              Ark Theater, L.A. »Sexual Perversities in Chicago«. Director Paul Wagar. Set design                                 

                   Ark Theater, L.A. »The Death of an Anarchist«. Director Georgia Harell. Set design                               

2005              Ark Theater, L.A. »Frozen«. Director Paul Wagar. Set design


                   Ark Theater, L.A. »The Fox«. Director David Grammer. Set design


2004              TV-2 (Danish National TV), Copenhagen. Visual concept developer


2003 - 04         Media City Stages, Set Masters, Universal Studios, VPS Productions, Glendale Studios, L.A. Production designer                     assistant for Roger C. Ambrose on many commercials and music videos


2003              Stage design to Alien Chatter´s »Music For Aliens« tour, for Satnam S. Ramgotra (Co-composer of Film scores                     with Hans Zimmer, amo.)


2002              The Other Opera, Copenhagen. »Bridge of Sighs«. Set and costume design concept


2000 - 2001      .Tristone, Copenhagen. Interactive gamification and TV Intertainment. Lead Designer


1999              Cantabile2 Theater, Copenhagen. Kaleidoskop, Junge Hunde Festival, Finland and Sweden. »Agnes«. Director                       Nullo Facchini. Set and costume design


                   Nordic Film, Copenhagen. Shortfilm »Kimera«. Director Christian Fonnesbech. Production design

1996              Deutsches Theater, Berlin. »Oedipus«. Director Alexander Lang. Set design Assistant for Professor Volker Pfüller


Art T a l k s /// LecturIng, Research etc ...


2017              Foreningen for Social Innovation (FFSI), Copenhagen  

Responsibilities:    Key Researcher in positive psychology and new motivational theories

                                                                                                                                2015 - 2021      .Independent research and artistic development of »hamlet_ex_tender«                                                           Further development of my thesis »Hamletmachine«


2014              University of La Verne, Department of Theatre Arts, La Verne, CA, USA                                        Responsibilities:    Organising teaching content and lecturing in interdisciplinary set design for performance art and experimental                       theatre 


                   Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art. Critics & Cocktails. Three-day Symposium on The                             intersection between Live Art, Art Writing & the discursive sphere


                   Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art. Taking Writing for a Walk. Masterclass during 8 weeks, facilitated by                     Artist inResidence Mary Paterson


                   The Mike Kelley Gallery (Beyond Baroque), Venice Beach, LA. Artist Talk »Memory Palace Series«                                 

2004 - 2014      .Station Next, Filmtown, Hvidovre, Denmark                                                                    Responsibilities:    Freelance teacher, workshop facilitator and organizer of teaching content in arthouse film set design for 7-10                       class elementary school pupils     


2012 - 2014      .University of La Verne, Department of Theatre Arts, Bureau on Social Research Unit, LA. Think Tank Member,                       Social Art, Performative Architecture & Performance Studies - Interdisciplinarity and Community in Performing                       Arts 


2010              The Watermill Center (Robert Wilson), Southhampton, NY, Artist in Residence

Responsibilities:    Research in Robert Wilsons image theatre for a textbook on set design, »Revolutionary Spaces - interdisciplinary                     set design after post-dramatic theater«. Lecture on the research for Columbia University Alumni and the public


2009              Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), LA. Art guide


2003              University of Southern California, Division of Digital Arts, L.A. Scholar in Residence during 6 months

Responsibilities:    Research virtual reality as experience environment, 3-D design, stereoscopic animation and immersive art


1998 - 2000      .Public Information Association and Workers' Information Association, Copenhagen                              Responsibilities:    Adult educator and organizer of workshops in artistic methods, drawing and creative techniques




    W r I t I n g s

2021              Art Book, »People Come Back, Transformed« (to be published)


2019              Børsens Digital Culture Magazine, article, »The Art Scene of Los Angeles«

                                                                                                                                2016 -            .Docufiction, »Life as an Artist in LA - the real story« (not finished yet)

2011              Columbia University, NYC. Ph.D. proposal »Revolutionary Spaces - interdisciplinary set design after post-                             dramatic theater«

2010 -            The Watermill Center, Southhampton, NY. Text Book »Revolutionary Spaces - interdisciplinary set design after                       post-dramatic theater« (unpublished)


2009              Citizen Magazine, LA. Review of »The Ring Cycle«, directed by Achim Freyer at LA Opera


2006              Citizen Magazine, LA. Review of »Parsifal«, directed by Robert Wilson at LA Opera


2004              Film manuscript »Endless Rape Romance«

2002              »Transcending images and symbols in the Millennium epoch of Hollywood movies«